SnowGem way to new exchange (please donate)

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SnowGem way to new exchange (please donate)

Post by dax » Sun Oct 07, 2018 4:24 pm


Dear community, we know that Mercatox is pain in the ass for now, because we can´t trade at the moment over there and it seems it will took so much time. We send a lot of emails to them with same reaction "we will repair it soon". We can´t wait anymore.

Therefore we send a lot of application forms to bigger exchanges and we received great offer from one of them. It´s much more bigger then Mercatox, they have fiat pairs like USD and EUR and they allow users to deposit and withdrawal 24/7.

Unfortunately they want 8 BTC from us, but we made a deal that if we are able to collect at least 4 BTC, they will list us. To be honest, we are not able to collect this amount alone at the moment and we want to ask you, if you are able to help us and try to collect these 4 BTC to get list on this great exchange without hackers and maintenances. We prepared 150.000 XSG and we have still 0.5 BTC from YoBit application so it´s a good start, but we still need couple of coins...

This is BTC address for this donation: 1CS9hiPBYjjJ7SHM4uczLUZ8dJj5Y9NbBw
This is XSG address for this donation: s1SViDrq7osnoxaDon1TEjPdG21CJe5goWC

We appreciate any help!

These great people already sent us donation! Thank you guys very much!

:arrow: samta1 - 0.03 BTC
:arrow: samta1 - 200 XSG
:arrow: billybob- 0.0093891 BTC
:arrow: Shmocs - 400 XSG
:arrow: deinemudda - 100 XSG
:arrow: Brani - 267 XSG
:arrow: DarkUnknown - 250 XSG
:arrow: lapa - 0.02 BTC
:arrow: lapa - 3500 XSG
:arrow: JM - 0.01 BTC
:arrow: sephridos - 500 XSG
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