Thor’s Hammer Protection — SnowGem mPoW 51% Attack Solution

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Thor’s Hammer Protection — SnowGem mPoW 51% Attack Solution

Post by nUm » Sun Jan 27, 2019 1:45 am

There have been a number of recent 51% double spend attacks in the crypto space during the past months.

That is why the SnowGem team proudly announces that we have just successfully finished testing of our revolution network protection solution aka Thor´s Hammer — masternode Proof of Work (mPoW).

In the coming days the security update will be released along with information about how we will be protecting the SnowGem blockchain.


This is also last mandatory update which will be done manually, because our Asgard system is now fully tested and will be released in the beginning of February. All masternodes owners will be able to migrate to this platform.

nUm - SnowGem Developer
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