Voidr.net mining pool [US | EU] Low Fees

Each mining pool that supports SnowGem will have a section here if they want. Also you can ask general questions about the pools.
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Voidr.net mining pool [US | EU] Low Fees

Post by Potato » Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:56 pm

Voidr Network

Why mine with us?
Clean, user friendly UI | Low Payout Limits | US & Europe Servers | Low Fees | PPLNT Share System | TLS Support | Discord support | Mobile friendly | API access


Mining Pools

Zelcash [ZEL]
SnowGem [XSG]
Votecoin [VOT]
Commercium [CMM]

Click "Connection Information" to get started!

Voidr Discord


4-9-2018 - SnowGem pool announced in official Snowgem discord.
6-1-2018 - Our SnowGem pool has expanded to support Zelcash and Votecoin. No stratum or port changes are needed. We are now Voidr.net to support this change.
6-1-2018 - Zelcash and Votecoin pool announced in official discords.


6-8-2018 - ANN made on bitcointalk.org
7-2-2018 - Added Commercium to the pool


Q2 2018
- Promotion and launch.
Q3 2018
- Work to support Equihash forks to remain ASIC resistant.
- Incorporate better stats and records such as market stats, payout stats, estimated future payouts, etc...
Q4 2018
- UI tweaks
- Consider incorporating new coins into the pool
Q1 2019
- Begin working on mining tool to make connecting to the pool easier for beginners

Fee Schedule

Q2 2018 - 0.1% Fee
Q3 2018 - 0.25% Fee
Q4 2018 - 0.5% Fee
No plans to increase fee's beyond 0.5%
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