pool.cryptohost.top - High performance lucky pool

Each mining pool that supports SnowGem will have a section here if they want. Also you can ask general questions about the pools.
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pool.cryptohost.top - High performance lucky pool

Post by cryptohost » Sun Feb 03, 2019 4:23 pm

Hello All Miners,

Be welcome to mining POOL.CRYPTOHOST.TOP

Multi-coin / multi-pool
Accurate hashrate reporting
High performance lucky pool
PPLNT payout scheme
Minimal payout - 1 coin
Anonymous mining, no registration needed
Honest and reliable, no hidden fee, no steal hashrate

SnowGem coin configuration:

Host: pool.cryptohost.top
Port: 3838
Algorithm: sngemPoW 144_5

miner --algo 144_5 --peers sngemPoW -server pool.cryptohost.top --port 3838 -- user address.name --pass x

We wish you successful and happy mining
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